I like to run. No scratch that – I love to run.

So often I’ve had people scoff at that notion. “Running? Fun? You’ve got to be kidding!”

Nope, not kidding.

There was a day I would probably have agreed with them. However, I found one huge key for enjoying running – training  for something.

So far, I have run the following races:

Great Pumpkin Chase 5k, Harrisburg, PA. October 2009 – 26:55.

Dash for Diabetes 5k, Hershey, PA. May 2010 – 24:27 (PR).

Wissahickon 10k Trail Race, June 5, 2010. 1:10:05.

Double Creek 5k, York, PA. June 19, 2010. 25:05. Third place in my age group (20-25).

Servants Inc 5k, York, PA. August 28th, 2010. Ran with friend – did not keep track of time.

Great Pumpkin Chase 5k, Harrisburg, PA. October 2010 – 24:28. Finished 25th overall out of all female runners and third place in my age group (20-25).

Amish County Half Marathon, Bird-in-hand, PA. November 6th, 2010 – 2:06:18.


I find the key to enjoying running to be having a challenge to shoot for. I’m constantly browsing Runningintheusa.com for my next race and I seem to have ‘race’ fever now! I wish I could train for a marathon but that is for another season in my life…

Next on my training list – the National Half in DC in March! *Squeeeee!*


The First

Well, this is my first post.


But also exciting. You can read more about me in my About Kerris section, but this is generally a blog to document my journey through running and health while trying to have a baby.

Today is the middle point of my cycle and since I’ve just taken my first round of Clomid, this is when the *magic* should happen! Let’s keep our fingers crossed!

I am also continuing to train for the National Half Marathon in Washington, DC. Originally, I wanted to train for the full marathon since I ran my first half marathon last November. However, my fertility doctor advised me against increasing my exercise if I am actively trying to conceive. I’ve only been to DC a handful of times, so I’m super excited to be running around so many historical and beautiful landmarks! A perfect way to spend 13.1 miles if you ask me.

Tomorrow I am scheduled to run 7 miles, but I’ll be visiting my parents near Philadelphia and the high is only supposed to be 20 degress. That sounds pretty frigid, even for me, a native Pennsylvanian. Alas, I am trying to muster the motivation to put in the mileage on what I like to call the ‘dreadmill.’ I’m a member of a local gym right down the road so it’s convenient in this type of weather, but I have such a hard time with running longer runs on a treadmill. My runs usually end up being much shorter than I had initially hoped. So wish me luck.

I’m truly excited about this blog and to have somewhere to document all the milestones that I hope to encounter in the future! Thanks for visiting!

Do you have any ‘special’ tricks that help you get through a long run on the treadmill?